Fairytale Wedding, Doha, Qatar

Late one evening at the Sheraton in Doha, Qatar, as the hour approached midnight the scene was being set for a wedding only found in fairytales. The mood was cast, the tables dressed for 800 guests, the runway constructed, and the women were donned in their Chanel, Givenchy, or Oscar de la Renta evening gowns. The ballroom waited with bated breath for the first glimpse of their Qatari princess. The ornate flowers, the palace built just for her, and the incredible Emmy-rivaling gowns, could not compare to the beauty of this bride! She entered the room with such poise and grace that my breath was caught in my throat. After making her grand entrance, she took her seat on the sofa in the front of the room and welcomed her girlfriends and family who gave her congratulatory kisses. An hour later a gong was rung announcing the imminent arrival of the groom and his entourage and as a signal for the women to cover. The groom entered with his father and brother at his side and drummers behind. The bride, who earlier had carried butterflies in her stomach, broke out into a smile that lit the room when her groom approached and gently kissed her forehead. They sat hand-in-hand while their families greeted the new couple. When they arose to exit, the spotlight followed them out of the room and into their new lives together… where they lived happily ever after.

I will never tire of hearing how couples fall in love, when I asked the groom how the two of them got together, it was his turn to light up. Their arrangement was a traditional Qatari courtship in which the groom’s mother and sisters seek out a suitable bride with his direction. The groom had expressed his desire for a bride with brains, not just beauty. He was blessed with brains, beauty, and a bride with a kind and good heart. What a pleasure to work with couples such as these!

*Rebecca Ruth Photography respects the privacy of her Muslim clients and does not share any photos beyond the details of the day.

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