Traveling the world; creating memories along the way.

Artist Statement 

We all love stories.

I remember my dad telling me bedtime stories as I fell asleep when I was little. Sometimes he made them up, but my favorites were the ones about his childhood, the true stories. As an adult now and a photographer, it is the true stories which I still find the grandest: the genuine glimpses of you and the ones you love. I love to tell the details of that love through fingers interlaced, soft whispers, and joyous laughter.

As once a bride and now a mother of 3 beautiful children, it is not the perfectly posed image that speaks the loudest to me; it is the photos of my husband holding me at our Kentucky wedding, it is the shots of my children and I laughing together near our English home, and spontaneous shots of morning cuddles in our new home in San Francisco. When my husband and I grow old together, and when our children leave our home, these are the photos that I will treasure.

Over the last 10 years, I have had the privilege to photograph brides from all over the world-- from royal weddings in Qatar to laid back beach weddings in St Lucia. Every wedding has its own unique story to tell; I love to listen to its story and retell it through photographs. I hope one day you too will hold these photographs to your chest, close your eyes, feel the beauty of that day and be moved by the memory all over again. It would be an honor to capture your love story.

Please get in touch and tell me who captures your heart.

My work in the San Francisco Bay Area includes all types of lifestyle photography - weddings, family, newborn, and maternity photography. All inclusive wedding collections are priced at $5,000.

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